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Сashout.biz is a convenient online service where you can exchange cryptocurrency at a favorable rate in Kiev. We exchange all cryptocurrencies that are on the bitfinex.com exchange.

5 reasons why you should exchange cryptocurrency with us:

We take into account all the currency fluctuations on top world currency exchanges.
Security and anonymity of the deals is guaranteed. We use https protocol to protect your data.
There’s a limit set in bitcoin protocol due to which the currency isn’t depreciated.
If the amount of the deal is more than $1000, the courier will deliver cash to you.
If you are a regular Client and the amount of the deal is more than $400 000, you will have special discounts and conditions.

4 benefits you’ll get when working with us:

We have sufficient reserve of funds. If you need to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, there will be no problems with limits. We always work with large amounts. We will exchange as much as you need.
All deals are made without hidden payments.
We offer very competitive exchange rate. Сonfirmed by a well-known monitoring service bestchange.
It’ll take take only 1 hour to make a currency exchange.

How to make a currency exchange:

Depends whether you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. If you sell cryptocurrency, there’re 3 ways to exchange money:

You get cash in the office.
Offline exchange with the help of the support specialist (amount from $1000). After you submit a request, our employee calls you back and makes an appointment. You can get cash in our office or order the delivery of money by courier in Kiev.
Bank transfer on credit card.

Depending on the chosen way of currency exchange, the algorithm of actions is formed. In the first case, you will get cash in our office. After you submit a request, our employee calls you back and makes an appointment.

The exchange rate is set with you and you get a full calculation: what % you pay for exchange service and how much money you get. The calculator on the site calculates the amount you get, so that you know the exact amount. But pls. mind that exchange rate changes every day, so the final calculations are made during the deal.

If you want to receive money by courier, the amount of exchange should be at least $1000. The Client submits a request, the support service contacts him, fixes the rate and gives calculations on % you’ll pay for currency exchange and the amount you will get. Then the client is to transfer the amount specified in the request form. The cost and terms of delivery are discussed individually.

In the third case, you can get the money on your bank card. We transfer money on the card of any Ukrainian bank. The algorithm is the following: after we submit a request for exchange, we contact you by phone and inform you on % you’ll pay for currency exchange and the final amount you’ll get. You transfer the money to our wallet and receive money on your card. The total time of all operations is 1 hour.

If you buy a cryptocurrency, you can do it via bank transfer or pay in cash in the office. In both cases, only after the call from our support service we fix the rate, the exchange fee and the amount you’ll get on your wallet. After all issued are discussed and agreed on, you pay the amount you have to and we transfer the money to your wallet in the currency you bought.

Why choose cashout.biz

There are too many offers on the market to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a bargain price. However, there are too many cases when the fee for currency exchange is too high and third parties (agents) don’t make fair play.

We are always open to our customers. We have been working on the cryptocurrency market for more than 5 years. During this time we have made 50,000 deals with 600 clients. We can work with large amounts. We have no problems with limits and cash. We have a special discount systеm and conditions for big and regular customers.

Our office is located in one of the most ancient and famous districts of Kiev — Podol. On weekdays, the support service is ready to answer all your questions online, by phone and in the office. We can work on weekends as well, just schedule the time in advance.

The main value of cryptocurrency and blockchain is complete anonymity. There are no price regulations, central banks and other things. This is what makes the blockchain technology attractive to people. Cryptocurrency itself can be used as an instrument of investment or trade, increasing its value.

And it’s up to you to decide how to use it with biggest profit. We only make sure the process of buying and selling is confidential, safe and easy for you. Our mission is a fast exchange and a satisfied customer.