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Ethereum (ETH) is not just the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization and popularity in the world, second only to Bitcoin. This is a whole platform that allows you to create decentralized online services. The advent of Ethereum revolutionized the IT industry, giving impetus to the development of new projects, including those based on smart contracts.

It is worth noting that the 2016-2017 cryptocurrency boom is associated with the launch and popularization of Ethereum. The new environment allowed us to maximize the potential of the blockchain in the FinTech sphere and gave an impetus to launch new startups, which in turn attracted huge investments. Thanks to them, there has been a serious increase in the cost of major digital currencies.

Ether (ETH) is the platform’s internal currency. It acts as a unit for settlements and ensures the implementation of smart contracts. This allows the blockchain network to demonstrate the stable operation and continuous development. Customers may use Ethereum for various purposes. It can act as a payment instrument or form of storage for a full asset. Many investors invest heavily in cryptocurrency, as ETH is a great investment tool. However, the question arises. Where can I exchange this cryptocurrency for another asset?

Ethereum is represented in all major and well-known exchangers. Their users may purchase cryptocurrency in any volume. In addition, there is another way to obtain ETH. As in the case with other digital currencies, we are talking about mining. Ethereum is characterized by a small-time for generating a block in the chain, it is only 15 seconds. However, the emission ceiling does not exist.

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