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Dash (DASH) is a well-known cryptocurrency that was created as an alternative to Bitcoin. Like many altcoins, it was created to solve the problems that arose with the first digital coin. The main feature of Dash is its high anonymity when making payments. Despite the fact that the coin is a fork of Bitcoin, it is significantly different from other altcoins in the digital market.

The history of this cryptocurrency began in January 2014. Evan Duffield released the first token called Xcoin. In February, the development team changed its name to Darkcoin. Due to the high anonymity, people used this cryptocurrency mainly for illegal purposes. In this regard, the creators made a number of amendments to the blockchain systеm and renamed the cryptocurrency for the last time. Today it is called Dash.

A number of advantages over analogs contributed to the rapid growth in the popularity and value of the coin. Unlike its competitors, Dash has a blockchain with a two-tier architecture. It consists of miners who mine new coins and master nodes that distribute and control the network. With their help, payments are divided into several parts and sent from different addresses. Thanks to this, the user can change a digital asset with a high degree of anonymity.

Another hallmark of a digital coin is the speed of payment. InstandSend technology allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for another asset in just a few seconds. Many services and online stores use it to receive payments from their users.

DASH is convenient to use for daily payments. The startup has signed a strategic agreement with Wirex online banking platform in 2017. Thanks to joint cooperation, Dash owners can pay with cryptocurrency in more than 210 countries at 40 million points where VISA plastic cards are accepted, thats why many people wanr to buy Dash!

One way to get Dash is through mining, or buy/sell with services like Cashout. Despite the fact that it is several times more effective than Bitcoin, many miners cannot get the desired amount of digital currency. In this case, they can buy or sell the coin at the corresponding trading floors or exchangers. We suggest you use one of these online services. With us, you can buy or sell any cryptocurrency, including DASH, at the most favorable rate. We track changes on the market around the clock, providing customers with the best deals. Our team appreciates each user and tries to provide the most convenient and high-quality service. To do this, we provide competent technical support to customers within 24 hours 7 days a week.

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