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Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and famous cryptocurrency. How did it earn such a high recognition? BTC is a pioneer in the world of digital money. It is the first cryptocurrency in our lives. January 3, 2009, is the most important date for digital money because on that day an unknown person under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto launched his blockchain network and created the first 50 bitcoins.

The main idea of BTC is to use a currency independent of central banks. The first cryptocurrency uses its own chain of sequential information blocks for this purpose. Thanks to this, the network becomes decentralized, but there is no central authority. Each participant or owner is part of a common systеm. If some part of the network goes offline, the payment systеm will continue to work stably.

Bitcoin is easy to use. The client only needs to create a personal digital wallet that will allow future transactions. Moreover, he will not have to pay extra fees and answer uncomfortable questions during registration.

You can get Bitcoin in several ways, for example, you can change fiat, other digital currencies for BTC or try to get it yourself. There are special programs and even equipment for the production of BTC. However, the issue of cryptocurrency is limited, so the creation of new Bitcoin is becoming more complicated each time.

An important feature of Bitcoin is its real solvency. You can use BTC, as well as standard fiat currencies to buy and sell a product or service. Today, more and more different online stores and services are connecting the ability to work with the first cryptocurrency. Well-known payment systems also made it possible to conduct transactions using BTC.

Bitcoin is present on all cryptocurrency exchanges. It ranks first among other digital currencies in terms of trading volume and price. In all financial indicators, it is significantly ahead of its closest competitors. Therefore, many investors invest heavily in BTC, wanting to make good profits over time.

Thanks to our service, you can buy/sell both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rate. Our main task is to respect the interests of the client. To do this, we constantly develop and improve our service, providing the best options, for example:

  • Round-the-clock support. We will quickly help you in case of a problem
  • A wide selection of exchange directions
  • Significant reserves in stock, which provide the ability to quickly complete the transfer
  • Fast transaction execution (5-15 minutes)

These are far from all the benefits that our client receives. And our reputation guarantees the fulfillment of all the obligations provided at the highest level!