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Do you want to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency? Do you need to sell bitcoin quickly and get the most profit in the form of cash? The best time to do this is to wait for the next rate jump and sell the digital asset at the current rate using our exchanger. You can carry out the purchase and sale of bitcoin at the exchange rate of Binance in our service. We conduct transactions with cryptocurrency at current prices, which we specify at the time of the transaction. You can expect the most favorable rate when buying and selling electronic cash, as well as a low commission (depending on the amount and type of transaction).

Rates of purchase and sale of bitcoins

Our exchange service has a fixed commission on transactions with cryptocurrency (in the form of a percentage). The size of the commission varies, it is convenient to track the current rate and its changes on the website or in the telegram channel. Payment for transactions depends on the amount of exchange. We offer a favorable rate for buying-selling bitcoins and take a low commission for our work, especially for transactions over 1000 dollars. This distinction applies to both the purchase and sale of bitcoins. Preferential terms can be counted on in some other cases:

  1. Bulk purchase and sale of bitcoin.
  2. Long-term cooperation with the service.

As for the exchange rate, it is the most profitable in Ukraine. As a basis, we use quotes of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange – a large specialized platform for trading digital assets.

What currency is needed for buying-selling bitcoin?

We offer to exchange digital currency for cash or by Bank transfer. Each client can take advantage of one of the two available options:

  1. Transactions in dollars. Bitcoin can be sold for US dollars when visiting the office. After transferring funds to the cryptocurrency wallet of the service, the client receives money in a cozy office in the center of Kiev. We use American currency for cash payments. You can buy both bitcoins and altcoins with dollars.
  2. Transactions in UAH. Bitcoin buying/selling is possible in the national currency of Ukraine. This option is suitable for both cash and non-cash payments. If you buy cryptocurrency, you transfer money to our Bank card. The same method of payment is established for the sale of cryptocurrency. Only in this case, UAH is credited to your account. We will transfer the amount to a debit or credit card of any Ukrainian Bank.

Thus, you can use a Bank card or cash to buying-selling bitcoin. Choose the method that is closer and more convenient for you.

Why choose bitcoin?

You can buy and sell different digital assets in our exchange service. However, the greatest demand is bitcoin. This is an expensive cryptocurrency, the price of which depends on the course of most altcoins. In the case of bitcoin, buying and selling coins is a great way for both short-term and long-term investments. BTC must be in the cryptocurrency portfolio of the investor, and high volatility and fluctuations in rates allow traders to earn on trading operations for the purchase/sale of bitcoin.

Our service will help you to get the maximum benefit from the course difference. We will tell you when it is better to buy and sell bitcoin, and when it is better not to make any transactions with the currency. You can find out the current value of BTC using the online calculator (presented on the main page of the site), in the online chat (the button to send messages is at the bottom of the page), from the Manager by phone. The operator will also talk about the terms of the transaction and the nuances of the upcoming exchange.