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How to buy bitcoin online with minimum commission? Contact our exchange service! We use the exchange rate for calculations, accept cash in the office, or exchange cryptocurrencies with the help of plastic cards of banks of Ukraine.

You can not only invest in cryptocurrency, but also buy Fiat for bitcoins in our service. You have 2 options if you need UAH-cash in the office, or Bank transfer. Visit the office and get cash for dollars.

How to buy bitcoin: payment methods

  • you can buy BTC with the card in our exchange service. Cashless payment method will save your time, because you do not have to go to the office and deposit cash. We have developed an effective scheme for buying cryptocurrency:
  • you fill out an application on the website;
  • the Manager contacts you in the instant messenger;
  • there is a discussion of the current exchange rate and commission percentage;
  • you credit the required amount of money to our card;
  • we transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet.
  • you can buy bitcoin with MasterCard quickly and profitably. Payment is made in the national currency of Ukraine for online transfers. You can easily buy bitcoin with UAH, if your card has enough funds to purchase cryptocurrency. You do not need to change the currency to dollars beforehand.

You need to visit our cozy office in Kiev to buy bitcoins for USD. We welcome every customer. Come directly to the office, or leave a request on the website and wait for the call of the Manager. He will offer a convenient time to visit the office and make an exchange.

How to buy BTC for USD profitably: algorithm of actions

You should use our online calculator to get the right amount of tokens as part of the transaction. It is available on the main page of the site. Automated service allows you to know the profitability of the transaction before the exchange. The calculator shows the approximate amount of cryptocurrency that can be bought for a specific amount of money. This financial assistant is easy to use. It is used both for preliminary calculation and for further registration of the transaction.

  • Fill in the application fields to buy bitcoin at the price of exchange:
  • Decide about the method of payment. We will transfer the purchased coins to your cryptocurrency wallet. You can Deposit Fiat money in cash at the exchange office or transfer it to a Bank card online.
  • Specify the transaction type. Our service offers to buy BTC for USD (you change cryptocurrency to Fiat) and buy cryptocurrency (you change money to electronic cash).
  • sеlect the cryptocurrency. We exchange not only bitcoins, but also altcoins. Among the available options are Ether, BNB, Litecoin and other coins popular today. You can invest in any digital currency that is available. Contact the operator for details if you have specific requests.
  • Enter the number of coins you want to purchase. Bitcoin can be bought in any amount: 1, 10, 100 tokens. Our service carries out both small and large exchange operations. Reduced Commission is set for transactions over $1,000. Wholesale customers can save well on exchange.
  • Specify the exchange amount. The calculator will automatically calculate your exchange rate if you have performed the previous action. Enter the amount in UAH or dollars if the number of tokens is not specified. The number of coins you will receive as a result of the transaction will appear in the field with cryptocurrency.
  • Leave contact details. Enter your name, email address and phone number if you are satisfied with the preliminary calculation. The Manager will contact you. He will announce the current rate, calculate the amount of commission and make an application.