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Ripple is a decentralized global payment systеm. XRP is a coin of this blockchain, which allows free payments within the network. Thanks to this project, traditional methods of money transfers through Western uniоn or SWIFT become obsolete and lose their relevance.

Most cryptocurrencies perform the same functions as a means of payment or investment asset. They differ from the first digital coin only in some characteristic properties (speed of transactions, level of security and anonymity, etc.). Ripple is a completely different matter. It is not a competitor to traditional money or other digital currencies. Instead, the project offers an alternative settlement systеm for the global financial systеm. This is the main difference between XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Ripple does not try to rеplace the global banking systеm, but rather cooperates with it, making transactions cheaper and easier.

Banks and other financial systems are primarily interested in Ripple. Thanks to the cooperation, they can make payments without commissions, buy or sell any currency and goods (stocks, precious metals) in real-time. An interesting feature of this technology is its currency independence. A transaction on the network can be processed in any currency. For example, a person wants to send a certain amount of money while in Japan to a friend in the United States. The systеm will automatically exchange JPY for XRP and send the cryptocurrency to the recipient. The recipient’s wallet will automatically exchange XRP for USD. Each transaction carries a fee of 0.00001 XRP, which is destroyed and no longer available. Thus, the Ripple cryptocurrency acts as an intermediary that allows you to easily change any currency. Due to its unique features, Ripple is on the 3rd place among all cryptocurrencies by capitalization, second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The digital coin cannot be obtained through mining. However, anyone can buy and sell it on a specialized site.

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