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Holders of bitcoin can withdraw money in different ways. The most convenient and popular calculation options are available to customers of our service. Leave a request on our website if you decide to sell digital currency to get cash. We will make sure that the bitcoin withdraw transaction is fast and secure, and the sale of cryptocurrency will bring you maximum profit. Favorable exchange rate, low service commission and effective methods of payment for transactions with cryptocurrency will help to solve these problems.

You can withdraw Bitcoin to the card. It will take a minimum of time. Fill out an application for the sale of a digital asset to use this method. It is not necessary to empty the entire crypto wallet. Exchange exactly as much as you want to get in the form of Fiat money. Our service works with small and large investors. There is a distinction between transactions up to and over 1000 dollars. It concerns only the size of the commission. The greater the amount of exchange, the cheaper the service. We also offer favorable terms to wholesale and regular customers.

How to withdraw bitcoin quickly?

We are also interested in quick cryptocurrency exchange and withdrawal as you are. Our employees work quickly and harmoniously. They process numerous applications every day. The scheme by which you can withdraw bitcoin and altcoins has been tested thousands of times and brought to automatism. Our exchange service offers convenient payment methods. You choose in what form you will receive money. Try all available options to evaluate the benefits and convenience of each method. After all, what is suitable for some situations, is irrational to use in other cases.

Bitcoin withdrawal is available in cash and non-cash form. BTC transfer is carried out to our bitcoin wallet. But the issuance of money occurs in the way that the client chooses. Credit and debit card holders can receive the amount as part of a Bank transfer. The funds come from our card. The client does not need to go to the office, spend time on the road and fees. Everything happens online. You can visit the Kiev office to receive cash – in this case, available to receive USD or UAH(at your discretion). To do this, leave a request on the website, talk to the Manager and discuss the time of the meeting.

How to withdraw bitcoin to the card?

Our exchange service uses convenient methods of payment with customers. We have created comfortable conditions for the withdrawal of digital assets and exchange for Fiat money. Choose the method of calculation “Bank transfer” if you want to withdraw cryptocurrency and get money on the card. This feature is available to all customers of our service. You can get money on debit and credit cards of any Ukrainian banks. Online transfers are a quick and convenient way to withdraw digital currency in the form of Fiat.

Bitcoin withdrawal to the card includes 3 simple steps:

  1. sеlect the transaction type “cryptocurrency sale” and the method of payment “Bank transfer”.
  2. Talk to the Manager to find out the current rate of sale of BTC and the size of the commission service.
  3. Transfer your digital assets to our crypto wallet and get Fiat on your Bank card.

We guarantee timely and fast transfer of money in full according to the payment data specified in the application. Carefully enter the card number when filling out the form and check the information before sending. You can always get money at the office if you need cash.