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The official exchanger bitcoin offers to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to exchange of BTC, our service is perfect for this task. Bitcoin exchanger specializes not only in bitcoins. Also, we offer to invest in altcoins A dozen coins at the best rate in our arsenal, and if you do not find the desired coin in the list – write to the operator, we always go to meet customers and are ready to offer individual solutions for buying or selling cryptocurrency.

How much is the exchange of BTC?

Our bitcoin exchanger provides services on a paid basis. We set a low commission on all transactions. A percentage of the exchange amount is charged when making a transaction (current rates can be found in the telegram channel). The size of the commission fee depends on several factors:

  1. The type of performed It is possible to exchange bitcoin for money or, conversely, buy cryptocurrency for Fiat Money.
  2. Sum of money. Exchanging bitcoin for up to $1000 is always subject to a higher commission. A smaller fee is set for transactions f 1000 dollars, sometimes the commission is one-to-one, and sometimes bitcoin is exchanged without commissions, and we even pay extra!

Bitcoin exchanger from 1000 dollars offers to save on additional costs and get the maximum profit with the mass purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. By the way, we also give discounts to wholesale customers and offer unique conditions of cooperation. Pleasant surprises are waiting for those who have long been cooperating with the service. Bitcoin exchanger is interested in regular customers and regular transactions. We appreciate every buyer who trusts our resource, so we encourage further collaboration and future transactions with pleasant gifts.

How does bitcoin exchanger work?

Bitcoin exchanger provides services online and offline for the convenience of customers. Applications for

bitcoin exchange can be left on the site. A special form for filling in and sending is created on the main page. It is also used as a calculator for the preliminary calculation of the future exchange. You need to complete the questionnaire and send it to the Manager for processing. The specialist will call back to the specified phone number (also available via Skype, telegram, viber) to discuss with you the upcoming deal. Bitcoin exchanger from 100 dollars offers a favorable rate. The latest data from the Binance exchange is used to calculate the upcoming exchange.

We use cryptocurrency wallets for transactions with digital assets. You transfer coins to the bitcoin wallet exchanger when selling tokens, and provide an address to transfer BTC to your wallet when buying cryptocurrency.

BTC exchanger makes monetary transaction using credit and debit cards. It is also possible to issue and receive cash in the office. This method makes it possible to exchange BTC without a fee and additional costs. You only pay for the service.

Advantages of our btc exchanger

We offer the most profitable course in Ukraine. We regularly updаte information and focus on the popular cryptocurrency exchange. If you want to buy digital assets at a favorable rate, it is not necessary to register on a specialized platform and understand the trading terminal. BTC exchangers are a great alternative to cryptocurrency exchanges with Fiat support. We work with UAH and dollars, large and small investors. Not only bitcoins, but also altcoins are in our arsenal.

The Bitcoin exchange exchanger is an ideal option for those who change cryptocurrency for the first time, want to avoid additional costs and quickly get cryptocurrency. It is profitable and safe to work with us. We guarantee complete confidentiality of personal information, contact and payment data.